COINS – my first short film



This is the final project that I did for the class ANM 180 – Experimental Animation at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA.

I was instructed by Mr. Norman DeCarlo

This film was made in the Stop Motion Lab at the AAU.

The music was from the OST Album of the movie “Hanna”.

This film was done with the help of Tran Tu Nguyen.

This film was inspired by the short film “Proteigon” from Briand Steven

This film was made with Dragonframe and Adobe After Effects.

All the copyrighted materials belong to their rightful owners, this film was made only for educational purpose.


2 thoughts on “COINS – my first short film

  1. I love the way that her hands shudder as she holds them out. Really great film and good choice of music. Makes it all slightly sinister! Great work as usual. Lou

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