The Incredibles

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Yup, it’s the incredible “The Incredibles” from Disney/Pixar that I decided to make a tribute fan art as a gift for this nice lady here – an English illustrationist who has a little 3-year-old boy that loves this super family so much.

I really want to make this as a gift for her and her little son for all of her support for me and my works.
Yup, it’s finished here for you Tom.

Behold the great power of The Incredibles, to see that the only power that are way beyond Super-natural-power is the Family-Power. Mr. Incredible is not alone anymore. And do you know it was not their super-power but family-power and unity-power that helped them defeated Syndrome? Yes, and take good care of this to remember never to let your Super-mom down, boy 😀
And this is the reaction of her after seeing this pic:

5 days 20 hours ago

It’s simply gorgeous and Tom is still boasting about it to all his friends. I’m going to frame a copy to put beside his bed. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this, it’s a very kind gesture and a golden present for a little boy. When you have five children they appreciate a non-shared moment in the spotlight so much and Tom won’t forget this gift I assure you. Thank you!


You really are such a star. I think I enjoyed the picture as much as Tom because it had your gorgeous shading technique on it. Tom was made up and took it to school for his show-and-tell day. Goodness knows what he said about it but I imagine the class were grateful that he took in something other than one of his small hot-wheels cars for a change. Thank you so much again for your kindness. It was a really lovely gift.

And here’s the Journal entry that she wrote and feature this work of mine.

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