The Incredibles – Special to Tom

Yup, it’s the incredible “The Incredibles” from Disney/Pixar that I decided to make a tribute fan art as a gift for this nice lady here :iconloupo: – an English illustrationist who has a little 3-year-old boy that loves this super family so much.

I really want to make this as a gift for her and her little son for all of her support for me and my works. This is only the WIP version and I’ll finish it with my magical colored pencils.

@ loupo: Ma’am, I will need your little boy’s name to sign the pic when I finish it :)

(This is exactly the one who gave me so much compliments and told me that I should work at Disney, and here’s her reply for this)

“Oh my goodness, how fantastic! I just found your link and picture and my son is absolutely made up!!! Thank you so much. My son is called Tom. His reaction was,
“Yeahhhhh Mr Incredible. I’m the boy one. You’re the Mum one,” then he stared at it for a while and looked at me and said with wonderment, “it’s for me?!” He then dashed off to boast to the rest of the tribe. He went to bed feeling very cheerful so thank you. You made a young Incredible boy very happy. That was incredibly sweet of you!!!

May all the best be with you and your little boy, ma’am 🙂

(click the image to view it in deviantART)

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