My Art Journey

My Art Journey magnify

From My Deviantart First Journal Entry:

Hello everyone, I think this gonna be my first journal entry here on deviantart after 2 years of showing off arts of mine :”>. And I’m gonna tell you about how and why I chose the way of art :D.
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When I was born, my life was decided to belong to art since my parents are both architects. And the love for art in me was raised so much by my dad since when I was still a baby, as I remember, the first time I drew something was when I was a 2 year-old boy :D.

Since then, I never stop drawing and drawing, pictures, comics strips and comics were born under my hand until I became a highschool student. I started drawing “seriously” in an art class to train for the coming examination for university applying (I would go to the same university like my parents’ to become an architect just like them). From that time on, I draw even more than I’ve ever done, my drawing skill keeps growing up, I can see it by myself.

Ah, I forgot, I’m gonna tell you about my dream of life, what I want to become. I always want to be an comic artist :), that’s why I drew even comics and comic strips when I was a boy. And that’s the main reason why I stop doing so and keep training my drawing skill, raise my sense of art, grow the creative sense in me. Untill now, I still think I haven’t enough skill for an comic artist, and I’m still training harder and harder. I findfriends with the same dream with me (actually I found 2, one is my cousin and one from my class now in college).
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Because of that big dream of my life, I have to choose a style for my own, to make my future comic different to the others in the world, to make the readers regconize myself in my comics. And I think I chose one. The cartoon style :D.

And these are the artists that their styles intrested me so much because of their free and creative in the style:

– cheeks galloway ([link])
– Bruce Timm (he’s very famous you know :D, the main artist of most of the cartoons about superheroes of Warner Bros and some non-canon comics of DC Comics)
– Gendy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken (The Powerpuff girls, Dexter’s Lab, blah blah…)
– Skottie Young (one new incredible artist of Marvel Comics)

Well, I think that’s it, :D, see you soon next time guys :D.

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