The First Avenger

Anh em nào đi xem Captain America ở Platinum Cineplex, TTTM The Garden, Mễ Trì, Từ Liêm, Hà Nội có thể sẽ thấy tranh này của tớ được treo ngay trước cửa phòng chiếu số 4 nhé.


I’ve always wonder, what the hell are they “avenging” for? Who is it needs to get “avenge”. It really gave the translator in my place a hard time translating that word. Oh well.

So, this is a picture I did around 3 weeks ago, and now it’s being hanged on the wall at the Platinum Cinema Complex, The Garden Mall, Hanoi, Vietnam, you can see it right before you go into Cinema 4.

I have seen the movie, it was wicked awesome!!! The action, the humor, the actors and actresses, and the visual effects are all amazing and entertaining. Hugo Weaving and Chris Evans did their job justice, now I don’t really know how to view the 2 characters differently. Especially Evans, he was AWESOME!!! The shield throws are badass!

What I can say is you guys should go see it right now, and don’t forget to stay until the ending credit ends, you’ll get to see one of the most badass things on the world – the Teaser Trailer for The Avengers 2012!

So, hope you guys like this, thank you very much

Click on the image to view it on deviantART

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