Looking for scholarship

Hi everyone.

It seems that I haven’t updated anything big for a long time, well, I’ve been pretty busy cuz I’ve started working as a comic artist at a company that I helped build. I’m now still working on the first chapters of a sci-fi comic series that I hope would be published in a comic magazine asap. And I hope it’ll have a chance to be international so that you guys could take a look at it too :).

Anyway, as you guys all know, though I’m studying as an architecture student at a university in Vietnam, but I’ve always wanted to work as a comic/cartoon artist. But all that I’m doing right now are just at amateur class of it, so I really want to learn more how to be professional, and the only way for me is to go to the US and get into a good comic/cartoon school, or get a good job at a good working environment so that I can gain more experiences and self-train my skills.

I’ve been researching and find that Disney animation studio has a good course to develop talented students to be professional designers/artists, and I think this is the best place that I should try. But I have no idea about the studying fee that I could have to pay for a course like that, and I’m afraid I couldn’t pay for it since I’m just a student and my family is not that rich either.

So I really want to find out if they would give me a chance of a scholarship to study in their course. I’m in no way to find out about that, so I hope you guys would help me find some informations about a scholarship like that, I’d be honored.

Though, I’ve thought of a plan B in case a scholarship at Disney was no way, that I could get a scholarship at another comic/cartoon school or get a job at a comic/cartoon company, of course, must be a popular enough one. But I’ve been searching and find that to have some informations on this is not an easy task, so I have to bother you guys for help.

I still have 2 years left at my current uni before I can find my own way at a job I love, so there’ll be plenty of time, I need all the help possible.

I thank you a lot for all the help that would come from you guys, and I’d be honored if there’s something useful and suit me, I’ll appreciate so much. :)

One thought on “Looking for scholarship

  1. Hm..hm,lol, english.
    Well, I don’t know what I can help in but if possible, just ask me, I’m ready to 🙂
    You’ll be a great artist soon, man
    I’m pretty sure about that
    Good luck :-bd

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