Quan Thanh Temple

Ok, so here’s the finished version of the WIP I posted yesterday.

I used Watercolor and some inkpen touch. A2 sized paper

The scene is from a corner of Quan Thanh Temple in Hanoi. The place is to worship one of the traditional Saints from the ancient time – St. Tran Vu (Trấn Vũ;).

Despite the architecture of the place, it has nothing to do with Buddhism but Taoism (wiki it) – which is the traditional religion of our country.

There’s a super huge black brass statue inside this temple which portray St. Tran Vu. It was made in the year of 1667, 3.39 meters high and about 4 tons weigh.

This is one of the most famous scenic beauty of Hanoi, Vietnam that a tourist shouldn’t skip.

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