From the Invincible to the Incredible

From the Invincible to the Incredible magnify
Yo dudes, wassup? Hell, I’ve gotta say Iron Man movie is super cool, and I decided to watch it the second time tomorrow with some of my friends :D, I can’t help it :”>. They really did it too good to be true, it’s so “Invincible”.

And ya know what? Just by the trailers, I can say the Hulk is gonna be a super block buster this summer too, cuz it’s really “Incredible”, yay :D.

What about The Dark Knight? Yeah, Heath left us a perfect Joker and a perfect movie that no one’s wanna miss.

And Hell, it’s Hell Boy yeah!!! I’m watching Blood and Iron – the 2nd Animated Movie of Red, and yeah, the 2nd movie’s gonna rock out too :D.

These are pretty good reasons for me to work on a series of fan arts for those movies I mentioned, and it was started with the Joker piece for The Dark Knight and the animated powerpack DVD – Batman: Gotham Knight just before we have The Dark Knight :D. It’s just too good for you, even the anime’s fan, cuz it was made in ANIME STYLE, 6 short movies of BATMAN IN ANIME STYLE, how cool is that, man? And this DVD will lead us in the time-line to the events in THE DARK KNIGHT, so, don’t even think about missing it :D.

Last thing, chek out mah gall for more pieces from the Comic-Movies fan art series :D


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