Days Off

Days off magnify

We’re gonna have 2 days off for April 30th and May 1st.

Well, like we all know May 1st is the International Labour Day. But what about April 30th?

Lemme tell you somethin.

33 years ago, when our country was invaded and separated into 2 pieces by the American, there were 2 different governments for North of Vietnam and South of Vietnam, and they considered each other like “enemy”, imagine people from ONE country consider others “ENEMY”.

The North government was led by the communists, who followed Marxism. And the South one, was led by the Vietnameses who WELCOMED the American to Vietnam. The communists in the North that time were most farmers and labourers, who wanted to govern their own country without any foreign involvement. And the South government were built and supported by the American, and to pay back, they helped the American on expeling, destroying anyone who was following the communists, and keep Vietnam be 2 pieces.

The North government wanted our country to be one piece, instead of 2 different countries, with the same compatriots, like the Korea nowadays. And the South government wanted Vietnam to be 2 like it was that time, to develop only ONE, in the South, which they were governing at the moment.

But one day, the American decided to stop supporting the South government, and leave Vietnam. That really weaken the South government so much, especially their army. And that was a really good chance for the North to take back the other half of the country, and make them ONE PIECE, again. The day Vietnam became ONE PIECE again, was April 30th, 1975, 33 years ago.

Many people from the South Vietnam were told that the communists were the devils who always tried to kill them, and so that the day the communists came, they thought they could be killed by them, and followed the American, the others of the government, ran away abroad, leave their hometown, to avoid their own compatriots. And nowadays, many of them are still living abroad with the thought that the present Vietnam is shit, and keep saying protest, bad things against it, and keep thinking that the communists INVADED their country, and call it “The Fall of Saigon” (Saigon was the old name of a big city, which they considered their capital, now it is Ho Chi Minh City), when the truth is the country was ONE PIECE before the American came, how come ONE country can INVADE itself?

Ok, politic is a complicated topic to talk, and I won’t say who was right, and who was wrong in the past. I was born in peace of the country, and what I care, is the future of it, not the past. And to show my caring, I study, and work hard, to support it with my own talent. What I am seeing with my own eyes now, is the country with people who always try to support their country FOR REAL. And I don’t think that keep standing abroad, knowing nothing about the present facts of the country, doing nothing to support it, but keep protesting it, judging against it just by events from the PAST, is right, I don’t think so.

I think a real patriot, is the one who do everything to support the country, not stand outside, keep the past, do everything to ruin the peace and against it just because you don’t like the political regime. Right?

So, and the reason we celebrate the day of April 30th every year is, we now consider it not “The Fall Of Saigon” but “The Vietnam United Day”, the day our country became ONE again.

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