Linkin Park Rules The World

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Wassup guys, it’s been such a long time since the last time I wrote a journal rite? And I’m so sorry for that cuz I was soooooooooooo lazy to do some thing like typing a journal entry. And the fact is I was sick those days, even those was a holiday, you know, the Lunar New Year in Vietnam and most of the Asians.

Well, may be there were not much to talk about myself those days. Just a couple of crappy things :).

First was I got a job. I draw short comics for a tween magazine in Vietnam, and the salary is quite good to me since I’m just a college student. Besides, as a personal teacher of art for a highschool student who wants to get in my university, I’d got the salary before the holidays came.

After that, I was interviewed by the Accvietnam (Animation comic club Vietnam) for my dedications for them after around 4 years. I’ve been the moderator of 2 sections in their forum (message board) and one of the official members of the Ichizine staff (a comic/cartoon/manga/anime will be published by them soon in Vietnam). Plus, as you know if you’re watching me, I have been working on a small project named WeCar Unlimited (Western Cartoon) which actually is an information blog about the Western Cartoon world since manga/anime is ruling in Vietnam. You can chek out the interview here (if you can read Vietnamese :D) [link] . By the way, I remember that I promised CrystinaDragon to translate this into English so that you guys can read it :) but I didn’t have the time, so I’ll do it as soon as I have time :).

Lessee what big thing I got those time….

Ok, cuz I can’t remember anything big, I’ll jump to the newest events. Like you can see, I’ve done some artworks of the vocals of Linkin Park – Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. And I tried everyway to let them see these artworks, especially Mike cuz it was his 31st birthday on February 11th. So Happy Birthday Mike tho I don’t even expect anytime you’ll come and see my wish for you :D. I registered in their official forum, commented in their blogs, submit to their fansites…. All hope that some day they’ll see my artworks :), the presents from a fan from Vietnam – the country that they didn’t even put in the country options 0f the register application.

By the way, today is February 17th – the day they release the 4th single of their newest album – Given Up along with its video clip around the world, but till now I haven’t had a chance to watch.

You can see the artworks here:

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I planned to do a doujinshi of Teen Titans before, and even did some concepts design the charactors but when I have time of the holidays, I couldn’t do nothing cuz I was sick right on the first day of the Lunar New Year of the Rat, and plus, cuz I was too lazy and too shy about my skill to make a comic work. Then I and my cousin kal_clarie_el decided to instead of making fan comic, we’ll make a fan graphic novel, and to base on some fan fic that I WILL do in the future (don’t know when :D, cuz I’m too lazy you know).

By the way, to mention about the Lunar New Year of Rat, I have to recommend you the movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks” with 3 litlle super cute chipmunks/singers Alvin, Simon and the cutest one Theodore :D. I have to say I adore Theodore :”>, cuz he’s so cute, it’s his fatness makes him cute :D. And you have to focus when they sing the song “Christmas Don’t Be Late”, cuz their performance was super duper cute :D. And the movie is the main reason why I really wanna call this Lunar New Year is the Year of Chipmunks :D. (don’t know why the main animal-charactor in Enchanted was a chipmunks too, and the movie is cute too with the actress was so beautiful)

For the last, I wish you all a nice year and everything good, and hey, treat the rats good :)), haha (bad joke huh?)

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