I’ve got the money!

I've Got The Money magnify
Yeah, like the title says, I’ve got the money for the 2 articles I wrote months ago for a IT magazine – echip. 200k/article so I’ve got 400k for total, that’s pretty much to me, a first-year student in college. Oh well, though they keep my money through such a long time, I think finally they paid, so I should write more to send them as my appreciation and, of course, for more money :”>, hehe. That’s so clear rịght? haha.

I’ve came home after the first subject of the first term exam, it’s so funny that I didn’t study so well but I still can reach the 4th page of the paper as well as finish all the questions. Ok, I hope I’ll be lucky to pass this. 3 more to go, so let’s try man, oh, just think about the exam I feel so sick, *sign*.

I’m listening to the soundtracks of “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, which is the movie base on a famous Cartoon about 3 lil’ cute and talented chipmunk-singers. They made their voices so cute, and the songs are all cool too, because sometimes there was a man voice with them in the songs. I can’t wait to see the movie.

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