My artbook is now ON SALE (available in US)

I finally found a printing solution for my 2011 artbook (portfolio) to make it available for sale internationally.

The image does not reflect the real book!


So now the book is ON SALE on, please follow the link to purchase the book:


So, the full version of the book is 136 pages, full color, soft cover, contains many of my fan arts, original art, character designs, comic demo pages, some traditional art and sketches that I did for the last 3 years (from 2009).

The price is: $ 43.95 (not includes tax and shipping fee – I know, but it can’t be any cheaper)


The editor cut version of the book is 72 pages, full color, soft cover, but with a few pages cut to compare with the full version.

The price is: $ 28.95 (not includes tax and shipping fee)


Or you can purchase the e-book version for iBooks on iPhone or iPad for just $ 1.99

You can take a look at the preview on the purchasing page, or can take a look at this video (*NOTICE* The book in the video is hard cover, you WILL NOT have the hard cover version, because that’ll be extremely expensive).


Though I highly doubt anyone would spend their money on such a book, since it’s so expensive like this. But I’ll bet my luck on it, and hope that there are some people that have enough passion for my art to get a copy of it.

Thank you and I hope you guys will support my next book (which I guarantee you will be a lot cheaper, but with less pages of course – may be just a black and white sketchbook for example?)

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