Rockman and Green Lantern

One of 2 Megaman tribute works that I did 2 months ago but wasn’t chosen by Udon Crew, probably because of the lame idea.

Well, that’s ok since I wasn’t anything like a big fan of the game or the character (I didn’t get to play much games when I was a boy, especially games like Megaman).

However, I still like what I came out with this, probably because of my obsession with TRON: Legacy at that time. Hope whoever is a fan of Megaman wouldn’t throw rocks at me.


Green Lantern is coming, I don’t know why people are bashing it, I think it’s awesome. Ryan Reynolds is a great choice.

This is a small fan art base on the design of the movie, of course with some changes to fit my taste. Just to warm up my style after such a long time drawing children comic.

I’m gonna be back with the whole gang of the JLA. Wait for more.

Hope ya’ll like

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