Saint of the Tan Vien moutain

*Notice* I’m posting this on, hoping it’ll be made into a toy figure some time. All I ask from you guys now is a lil time register to the site and vote for me so that it’ll get to the required votes for it to be produced. Thank you all so much :)

Tan Vien Son Thanh – Son Tinh (English: Saint of the Tan Vien Moutain) is one of the most famous mythical characters of Vietnam. It is said that he was in a competition with the God of Sea – Thuy Tinh, in order to marry the King’s daughter – Mi Nuong. The King – Hung Vuong – made up a test to choose only one of them to be his son-in-law: Whoever come back with a nine-tusked-elephant, a nine-spured-cock and a nine-red maned-horse first, would get the princess.

Being the king of moutains and forrest, Son Tinh easily managed to come back with all the required beasts, and got the girl as his wife. A bit late, Thuy Tinh got extremely angry and came after Son Tinh right away, trying to get the girl from his competitors’ hands. He raised the sea, made heavy rains upon Son Tinh’s land, hoping they would kill his enemy. But to defense himself and his just-married wife, Son Tinh used the moutains to stop the raging water and pushed Thuy Tinh back to his lair at The Sea of the East. But Thuy Tinh never quit. He comes back every year, makes storms and rains and floods, destroy many many villages, but he always lose to the power of Son Tinh. The people of Vietnam started worshiping Son Tinh as their protector from then on every year when the storm season comes.

I tend to make the concept for all the characters in this story, including Thuy Tinh, Hung Vuong the King and Princess Mi Nuong. Hoping to come back asap.

Thank you for all the support

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