Ok ok, I know, what the hell is superboy doing there???? Well I was out of idea who I was gonna draw to make a trio after those 2, and dang, this boy just popped up in my head and there he is before I know it.

I was doing a lot of American comic fan art and not much for games and Japanese manga. This is my first attemp at changing the topic a lil bit. May be I’ll do more, but will be more careful in choosing the characters, and yes, next time, background will be there.

This one was done when I can’t help myself doing something about Goku since he’s one of the best manga characters of all time, and it seems to be a sin not to do anything at all about him. May be we can call this a lil bit of a tribute to the legend – Akira Toriyama. And of course, Ryu has a combo that has something in common with Kamehameha that I totally black out about the name.

AND, yeah, not finished with the super long description, this is my first attemp ever on something new for my coloring style, from being too simple to something more interesting. I hope you guys like this as much as I do when I finished it.

THank you for all of your supports :). Cya later with another manga/game characters.

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