Say “Hi” to Ryan!

Ok, today is an exhausting day, a lot of work to do and I feel very tired but not much have been done. It’s all about the Beauty Contest at Bunny’s school, she had to make some contracts with some sponsors for the contest.

But the most interesting thing of today is I got to meet Ryan – a public health student from Seatle – USA. He’s traveling the world to learn about cultures and public health from around the world. He’s a guest of Bunny’s school and we were taking him for a dinner this afternoon.

At first we met at bunny’s school and we call him a cab to Big C, and we follow him right behind. When we arrived at Big C, we took a look around the 1st floor of the shops with a lot of expensive stuffs that he said even he can’t buy. Then we go to the restaurant section on the 3rd floor for a meal. We had 3 bowls of Bun Rieu Cua and have a nice chat about Vietnamese cultures and foods. He seemed to be very interested in what we say. But when we had some Che Sen, he said he likes it, but his face looks like it doesn’t suit him a lot. But it’s ok, how can someone likes everything from a strange country :D.

Talk about him, Ryan is a very gentle guy, he’s like, very interested in different cultures in different countries, and he likes to learn more and more new stuffs from everywhere he goes. Whenever he finds out something new, he seems to be very excited. He’s been traveling through a lot of other countries before Vietnam and he knows a lot of funny things from those countries. Like we can never find a beef hamburger in India, only vegetables burgers (??) :)). It’s funny rite, because in India they respect the cow as one of their Gods. He told us that the weather in Seatle is just like Hanoi, and he feels like home here.

His father is working public health too so he’s following him, but he said he once wanted to be an artist after seeing my artworks and he likes them very much.

This meeting is special to me because this is the first time I’ve ever speak English for a talking and to guide a foreign friend that I’ve never met :D. I think I was a lil nervous back there and made a lot of mistakes and my pronunciation was a lil bit too rough. I can speak clearly if it’s not to talk to someone, so this meeting is a very great experience for me.

Uhm, this guy Ryan, I don’t know how to say it, but it’s like I really like him, he’s very gentle and friendly, and he seems to be interested in things that we said, it’d have been very sad if he hadn’t been paying any attention. I don’t know, may be because I enjoy speaking English too much :D. I have to say I really had an awesome time talking with him, expressing all the cool stuffs about Hanoi and Vietnam, and learn something new from America. It was so good.

So I invited him to meet my grandpa this Wednesday, ye know, he’s the first one who taught me English when I was only 4. So I think it’ll be many things for them to talk about. Hope that the meeting will be ok :). Looking forward to that :).

He’s leaving for Halong Bay this weekend so I gave him a lil gift, like a souvenir :D, 3 small bamboo dragon fly that can balance on your finger.


Mai sẽ là ngày đi xem watchmen với 2 thằng kia :D, 3 thằng geek sẽ đeo mỗi người 1 cái huy hiệu có vết máu trên ngực, hế hế. Ko thể chờ được :D.

Bây h lắm việc quá. Bắt đầu đi học lại quản trị này, vẽ cho bên giáo dục này, comission này, poster cho thỏ heo này. May mà bù lại là một khoản kha khá nên cũng đỡ oải khi làm hơn. Thôi cố gắng lên vậy :(. Chưa kể lại còn vẽ ghi nữa chứ, thật khốn nạn.

Cái này rất hay, lấy từ gall của Cheeks

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