Don’t Look Down

Don't look down magnify

We’re going to have a Wolverine movie so a soon fan art for him won’t hurt right? (though he’s never wear this yellow pandex in the movies of X-men)

And to think of it, I’m sure there’s a cartoon show named “Wolverine and the X-men” is on right now on Kids WB or something that we can’t see it here anytime soon (CN Asia always gets the shows later than anywhere else)

So, the reason why I did this is there’s a cool challenge for him on that you can find here: [link]

And the theme is very fit to what I’m practising – the foreshortening effect :D.

It’s simple but lemme tell ya, it took me a hell lot of time to finish.

So, hope you guys dig :).

I’m thinking of some Watchmen fan art….

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