Một số tranh mới

Spectacular by ~splendidriver on deviantART

nspired by the 1st season of the new animated series “Spectacular Spider-man” that was designed by Cheeks :iconcheeks-74: .

I thought I would do something to make Spidey looks like he’s too hurry that he had to change his clothes when he was swinging and was being attacked by some villains.

I rarely do background traditionally but this time I think I did good with this. And this is the first time I found out how to change some lines’ color to give em the feelings of environment.

These are just 4 random villains that I picked from the series and give em something that I like (like Doc Ock’s arm looks more like in the movie than this series)

Corel Draw X4

Man drawing: Chinese ink by ~splendidriver on deviantART

This is the second exercise of mine on Chinese ink. And yet this is the first time I’ve ever drawn a real man full body, and I had to do it all with such a very hard-to-use medium – Chinese ink.

But I tried and I did it, whatcha think?

I think it came out good so I hope my teacher will forgive me for turning it in 1 week late (there’re too many other subjects to work on before this).

But look at the model. He’s short and old and fat, and he was wearing such a stupid clothes, sitting there with such a dumb pose and a dumb smile, which shows that my art teacher is a real jerk that has no artistic sense.

Card set 2 by ~splendidriver on deviantART

Card Set 1 by ~splendidriver on deviantART

both the traditional line works and the colors. These are just half of them, there are 12 of these 🙂 I made some shortened Vietnamese profiles for these charactors to put in the back of the cards. And they were being loved so much that surprised us so much :O, cuz this Comic con was totally Manga/Anime and my booth was super small to regconize. And there’s some disadvantage that Vietnamese comic fan are all into Manga/Anime. I was doing some sketches right at my booth too and they were loved even more than these. Corel Draw X4

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