Comic Trio magnify
Wassup dudes, to day I’ll give you something really special and new :D.

I, my cousin kal_clarie_el and my friend tta269, decided to make a comic-blog together. And to be easier to imagine what a comic blog is, I’d say, that we would replace blog entries full of words with a short and funny comic to tell our life story. By that we’ll train our skill of making comic much, from drawing to writing, to making borders for a comic page, and so much more…

Each of us will have to give it a comic a week and post it into this blog, or else, the one that doesn’t have a comic that week will have to make it double for the next week. That’s the rule then.

Last thing, I hope you guys will click the ads on our site to support us :), thanks.

And yeah, follow this link to chek for our first entries for introducing :D. (remove space) [link]

and chek out kal’s gallery :iconmiddlelightriver:

and tta’s gall :icontta269:

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