Architecture Model 1

Architecture model 1 magnify

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Hell Yeah!!! We’re now finished!!!!

This is our product for the architecture modeling project at school. Our group includes 5 of my classmates and we’ve been working on it for about a week.

Last week, we received from our teacher a design of a house includes: design for front look, back look and upper look for each floor. It actually missed the design for 2 sides of the house. But that’s enough for us to begin with.

We discussed so much about how we would make it and how would it look when we finish. This discussion and buying stocks took us around 2 days.

From the 3rd day, we worked on the house. It was such a hard work to make the windows to look deep. But we still managed it good. We made holes on the walls and gave them blue glazed papers to imitate the glasses. And at last, we decided to paste some furniture pictures on the back of the windows and now we had scenes inside the house by the way it looks :D.

Next hard work was about the roof and the right side of the house. But we still found solutions for them and like ya see, it was too good, beyond any of our preditions. And of course there were many tiny problems that we had to manage in the next days.

Yeah, and take a look at the scene. That was my work. I had to draw a design for the upper look of all the scene that includes the house. And I decided to give it a topic for all. The paper fan flowers. And there was the swimming pool, the parterre and I even gave the gate a symbol of it :D.

At first, bcuz we’d seen some of the other class’ models and we intended to make the house perpendicular to the scene. But I told them we need some creative and break through. And now the house is like that, on the bias, as well as the direction of the gate. All of those ideas make this model looks better than any others ever made.

Imagine this, if this is a real house, and you enter the garden from the gate, and you can see all the scene at once, wide and beautiful. That’s cool hah?

Oh well, this is too long. I’ll tell you more in the next picture of this model :D. Now take a look at it.

This got mark 9,5/10, and we can be proud to be the best team in the whole school :D. The teacher said we have to leave it at school to serve as a model for the students of the next year :D.

We’ll have to congrat this :D

2 thoughts on “Architecture Model 1

  1. Hi,
    Your model is beautiful. I want to make one for my friend’s birthday. I’m not a student in architecture so could you please send me a design or tutorial how to build it?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have any tutorial for this, nor a design. We just figured it out on our own at that time, and it was 3 years ago. It took 7 people of us to make this in one week.

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