Jedi Ninja Spock Na’vi

A little print I was selling at A.P.E (Alternate Press Expo) in San Francisco a few weeks ago. And of course, for those who have been following me, it’s the next installment in my series of Mash-up art. This time it’s Spock in a Ninja outfit, holding a Jedi lightsaber, having a Na’vi braid and of course, he’s on Pandora. Enjoy.

SONTINH-1 (Pacific Rim inspired)


Please meet SONTINH-1 – the Vietnamese Jaeger in the Kaiju War on the Red River with Long Bien bridge across. SONTINH-1 was made by the Vietnamese People’s Army with the technical help from Russia and Japan, is a 3rd Generation Jaeger, and has helped the Pacific area Jaeger teams like CRIMSON TYPHOON from China and COYOTE TANGO from Japan fight Kaijus. Unfortunately, SONTINH-1 was taken down in the last year of the war, right before the event in Pacific Rim, by one of the category 4 Kaijus – which was a lot terrifying than previous ones.

(Instead of going to their website and automatic generating a Jaeger from already existed ones from the movie, I prefer to draw like this. The picture was drawn inspired by giant robots Jaegers from the movie Pacific Rim).

Avengers Wars

Well, lame title, I know. It’s for another challenge from the Comic book club at my school – Academy of Art University. This time is to put Super heroes into a movie poster. I used The Avengers to put into the original Star Wars movie poster.

Collab with Sethard

A collaboration piece between me and a deviantART artist I just met – Sethard. Seth did the lines, and I threw my colors in to it. We’re gonna do a lot more collabs like this in the future.

The Wacky Avengers Animation Test

The Wacky Avengers – Short Animation from Ha Huy Hoang "Splendid River" on Vimeo.

A short animation project I did in around a week all by myself, only for practicing purpose. I did these animation based on the designs from a fan art I did for the movie The Avengers that came out in Summer 2012. I didn’t do Black Widow because I became too exhausted and because I didn’t think of anything interesting enough for her.

The soundtrack is “Fight As One” by Bad City, which is the soundtrack from the animated series “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”.

I used the animation feature in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6.

All characters belong to Marvel Entertainment.

This animation is only for educational purpose, no commercial use.

Short Film: Face Off

*On Vimeo*

This is my final for my class MPT 105 – Cinematic Story Telling at the Academy of Art University, Fall 2012.

Written, directed, camera, and edited by me – Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”

Starring my house mates: Nguyen Phuoc Thien, Phan Thanh Duy
and the random man with his little boy.

With the help of instructor: Richard Cascio

Music: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” original soundtrack
“The sunset shot” – Hans Zimmer (Rango OST)
“It’s a metaphor” – Hans Zimmer (Rango OST)

Sound effects:
bune88 – Youtube
MalitaArmy – Youtube

This film was made solely for educational purpose, non-commercial use.

Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”