Zootopia (2016)

The year is only beginning, but I can already make a prediction about the Oscar next year in the animation category. Disney is gonna win again, and it doesn’t matter how good Kubo might be (even if Kubo is better), Zootopia will definitely win. That’s just how the Oscar works. But this time, it’s gonna deserve it totally. I have a feeling that Disney has been quietly sneaking up right behind Pixar in terms of substance in their cinematic storytelling, and Zootopia is their secret weapon to blow everyone’s mind of how good they could be. Disney is now the new Pixar, and if Pixar is not careful, they’re gonna be left behind, especially when LAIKA is so strong and consistent with their films every year.

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Is anyone here obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy like I am? I’ve seen the movie twice in theatre and listened to the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 thousands of time and still want more. So here’s a little tribute I did for one of/if not the best Marvel studios’ movie yet. This is what I imagine a cartoon version of the movie should look like.

Sully 23


The Mash-Up project continues: James P. Sullivan (Monster Inc.) + X23 (X-men). If you’ve been following me, you know that Mash-up is something that I have been doing for about 2 years now.

Someone suggested me to draw a Brave fan art the other day. And I did it. I rarely draw any Pixar/Disney’s fan art since they have perfect designs for the characters already, any attempt at recreating those marvels into my own style is not worth it. But then again, drawing is fun.