Disney X Camp: An Extra Big Adventure (Interractive experience – 2022)

Here’s the rough/near tie-down animation I did for Disney’s Mickey and Friends X CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure – an interactive experience (kinda like an escape room type of thing, but for children) that opened in New York in June 2022. Children will get to be a part of Mickey’s birthday when Goofy accidently turns everyone, including the guests tiny with a ray gun, and they have to go on an adventure in a giant world to retrieve pieces of the gun with the help of Mickey and friends to turn them back to regular size.

For more information about the experience, please visit this link https://lnkd.in/g-3ja3bT

Our animators at DeeDee Animation Studio (Vietnam) got to collaborate with Duncan Studio (LA) on this project where we digitally hand-drawn animated 2 different sequences that feature the legendary Disney’s characters under the supervision of Disney veterans Chris Sauve and Ken Duncan. Our artists also did the clean up and ink/paint for most of the scenes in the rest of the clips that would be featured during the experience. It was an absolute pleasure and a huge honor to have this opportunity to work with such experienced and respected artists in the industry on such a fun project, and with these particular characters that formed most of our childhood. It was a wonderful experience for us to have a peak at the high standards for traditional animation on Disney level, and we’re glad we were able to pull this off.

The characters featured in this video are properties of the Disney company. The voice over was recorded at Duncan Studio in LA.