3$ Headshot Commission

Yes, I think I should open a new choice of commission.

With only 3$, you’ll get a head sketch caricature of yourself or anyone you love in a funny style, inked up like this

or pencil only like this

, with same price of 3$.
The more you order, the cheaper it gets, but longer you’ll have to wait.

1 head for 3$
2 heads for 5$
3 heads for 8$
4 heads for 10$
5 heads for 12$ (please understand that I’ll accept 5 sketches/person, you know I’m only human)

The only thing you have to do is give me a clear photoshot of the one you want me to sketch up. It doesn’t have to be formal, it can be a shot when you’re making a funny face or anything, as long as it’s a head shot.

Payment will be via Paypal and will be sent after I finish the sketches. You’ll get to see a low-res file before sending the money.

So, is it an acceptable price for ya?

Give me a note or email if you’re interested.

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