Broken Being (Tàn Thể) (2019)

Designs I did for DeeDee Animation Studio’s animated short film Broken Being/Tàn Thể – released in April 2019. I worked as art director, storyboard artist, character designer, and animation supervisor on this film along side a team of really young and talented artists and animators. Watch the film here

In a post-apocalyptic world called ‘Broken Being’ where bygone civilization and all its glory will soon be forgotten, humanity faces an unprecedented existential crisis when confronted by different life forms of clones and machines. The minority who survived, are quarantined in machine-controlled ecological zones, called ‘Tranquil Havens’. Would humans surrender to the order of the new world, or would they change to adapt, revolutionize and regain dominance?

‘Broken Being’ is about those little beings and their stories in a broken world that is full of struggles and uncertainty.


Directed by Quang Dang
Produced by Nhu Le
Written by Quang Dang, Hai Pham, Giang Nguyen

Art Director: Hoang Ha
Animation Director: Kiet Doan
Layouts & Backgrounds: Linh Nguyen
Character Design: Hoang Ha
Storyboard: Hoang Ha
Production Coordinator: Van Doan
Edited by: Dat Pham, Viet Hoang

Music & Sounds: Katana Records
Voice: Viet Hoang, Khiet Luong
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