The Great Son Tinh

This is the first illustration for a personal project I’m working on that tells the story about Son Tinh/Tan Vien Son Thanh (character concept can be found here [link]) and his great fight against his enemy Thuy Tinh. This is one of the best god legends in our Vietnamese culture. Son Tinh represents the human will against the weather’s rages, especially when the storm season comes every year.

Since I’m planning on doing a lot of illustration for this project and will try to self publish a book that includes the character concepts, I hope you’ll understand the watermark, and I will try to keep the book as much in the dark as possible before I finish it (this is the first and only illustration that I’ve done by now). It’ll be published only in Vietnam. (If I finds out a way and I’ll consider an international version if it gets some success in Vietnam)

To have a general look at the story, you can follow this link [link]

This illustration was done in PS CS 1, edited by fotosketcher and microsoft picture manager.

Character are copyright to Ha Huy Hoang “Splendidriver”

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