Because these designs of mine are clearly not teenagers nor ninjas. These are my interpretation of the TMNT’s characters, in which I tried to incorporate a lot of elements from different species of real turtles, and Japanese attire, while still maintaining individual personalities of the turtles. I also tried to make the Shredder a bit more Japanese, and Krang a bit more like a modern android. I will continue doing other characters later.

You can see the sketches here

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’ve done a Monkey King picture a while ago. But now I want to try something new, experimenting some new stylization approaches, a new modernized design and I quite like the result. So I hope you enjoy it. For more frequent updates of my art works, especially sketches, follow me on facebook ->>>…

Me and one of the founder of Project Rooftop – Chris Arrant – just collaborated in a small project called Retrofix in order to redesign The Raven – a public domain superhero from the 40’s. You can click the link above to see the whole process of redesigning from sketch to finish.

Click image to see it on deviantart


Click the link to view the full design sheet

Green Lantern Redesign contest held by Project: Rooftop, I didn’t win the first 3 places, but got into the Top 20. The one I picked to redesign was Guy Gardner – one of Earth’s GL.