Adult Mutant Samurai Turtles

Because these designs of mine are clearly not teenagers nor ninjas. These are my interpretation of the TMNT’s characters, in which I tried to incorporate a lot of elements from different species of real turtles, and Japanese attire, while still maintaining individual personalities of the turtles. I also tried to make the Shredder a bit more Japanese, and Krang a bit more like a modern android. I will continue doing other characters later.

You can see the sketches here

Monkey Goes West

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’ve done a Monkey King picture a while ago. But now I want to try something new, experimenting some new stylization approaches, a new modernized design and I quite like the result. So I hope you enjoy it. For more frequent updates of my art works, especially sketches, follow me on facebook ->>>…

Spider-man Redesign

This was intended for a Spidey redesign contest from Project: Rooftop, but I missed the deadline badly since I was busy like crazy back then. Until now I have time and inspiration to finish this.

The idea is to give Peter a more realistic costume than the original one from the comics. I think this is the only way that a teenager can come up as his disguise when fighting for justice at midnight. I mean, how the hell a geek like Peter Parker can think of a tight suit? Seriously? And how can he climb walls with his fingers and feet covered by shoes and gloves? And a Jason-ish mask, in my opinion makes more sense.

All right, sorry for a long delay, I’ve been kept up by a lot of document work for the trip to the US. I’ll be there this January, any one of you expecting to see me? I’ll be in San Francisco for a course at the Academy of Art University.