Jedi Ninja Spock Na’vi

A little print I was selling at A.P.E (Alternate Press Expo) in San Francisco a few weeks ago. And of course, for those who have been following me, it’s the next installment in my series of Mash-up art. This time it’s Spock in a Ninja outfit, holding a Jedi lightsaber, having a Na’vi braid and of course, he’s on Pandora. Enjoy.

Sully 23


The Mash-Up project continues: James P. Sullivan (Monster Inc.) + X23 (X-men). If you’ve been following me, you know that Mash-up is something that I have been doing for about 2 years now.

Sunday at the Park


Art by: Ha Huy Hoang “Splendid River”
Writer: Jesse Young
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Sunday At The Park is a short-comic project I’ve been working on for the last 4 months. The writer Jesse Young ( wrote the script based on the poem “Casey At The Bat” by Ernest Thayer, and hired me for the job, when he thought my drawing style fits the story the best.

I decided to
use this script in my final assignment for the Perspective class by Joko Budiono that I took last semester at the AAU and it paid off well. But not until now I got the time to finish the colors and let the professional letterer Thomas Mauer ( to blow his magic into it.

So here it is, the first short-comic that I’ve ever felt really satisfied with.


Sunday At The Park là 1 truyện tranh ngắn mình làm trong suốt 4 tháng qua. Tác giả kịch bản Jesse Young viết cái này dựa trên bài thơ “Casey At The Bat” bởi Ernest Thayer, và thuê mình vẽ, vì ông ý nghĩ là phong cách của mình phù hợp.
Mình quyết định sử dụng kịch bản này cho bài tập cuối kỳ môn Phối Cảnh của thầy Joko Budiono mà mình học kỳ trước ở trường AAU, và kết quả khá khả quan. Nhưng mà tận bây giờ mới có thời gian để tô màu và gửi cho người sắp chữ chuyên nghiệp Thomas Mauer làm việc của mình.
Đây, truyện ngắn đầu tiên mà mình cảm thấy thỏa mãn :P.

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Doctor Potter

Doctor Potter – A Time Wizard who travels through time and space on his Tardis broom 2000 to fight the evil VolDalek. Another crazy mash-up picture I did for a weekly challenge from the AAU Comic book Club.

Wondercat Widow and Batpool

Drawing for the AAU Comic Book Club challenge: Mash-up Marvel and DC characters. This one of mine is Wonder Cat Widow (Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and Black Widow) and Bat Pool (Batman and Deadpool) – They’re a couple of master thieves and assassins, the Freakanomic Duo.

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