Little Red Riding Mushroom

This is a part of a regular series of illustrations that I do on facebook as a personal diary, and sometimes have some fun with my characters Splendid River and The Little Mushroom (my girlfriend).

This one is one of the most colorful ones that I did for my girlfriend with her as The Red Riding Hood walking and singing in the woods. I’m supposed to be the wolf waiting for her somewhere but I was too lazy, so I guess this is it.

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Woot: Wrath of the Bunnivor

It’s been a long time since I did something for my original characters. So here’s something for the characters I made up for a project that has never been scripted – The Woot. This is kind of a concept for a story where Bunnivor goes riot on the Time Forest, where Woot and Chitty have been protecting for quite a long time. This is also for the challenge from the AAU Comic Book Club, the topic is to do something other than Marvel and DC Comics characters.