Sky Holder

Female Sky Holder (she’s a man in the mythology) – the original Vietnamese Goddess. There are a lot of Photoshop tools experiments in this one, and a lot of them are quite useful I must say.

Before there was even time, the universe was in chaos, sky and earth were mixed together, and no living thing could survive. That was when came the Sky Holder, she pushed the sky up with her hands, and stomped the earth down with her legs, thus, created the world as we know it, and allowed creatures of all kinds to grow and evolve underneath.

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Monkey Goes West

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’ve done a Monkey King picture a while ago. But now I want to try something new, experimenting some new stylization approaches, a new modernized design and I quite like the result. So I hope you enjoy it. For more frequent updates of my art works, especially sketches, follow me on facebook ->>>…

Babayaga’s house

Babayaga’s chicken legged house. This was a wonderful experiment with brushes and colors. Like some of you may realize, I’ve been trying to vary my rendering style a little bit to give it a more painterly feel compare to the clean and simple cell shading like before.

Little Red Riding Mushroom

This is a part of a regular series of illustrations that I do on facebook as a personal diary, and sometimes have some fun with my characters Splendid River and The Little Mushroom (my girlfriend).

This one is one of the most colorful ones that I did for my girlfriend with her as The Red Riding Hood walking and singing in the woods. I’m supposed to be the wolf waiting for her somewhere but I was too lazy, so I guess this is it.

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