Sneak Peak: 2011 Portfolio book full version

This is a peak look at my 2011 artbook/portfolio that I just got it printed to submit to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, USA.

The book is hard cover, contains 132 pages in A4 size with lots of fan art, original art, character designs, sketches and sequential art that I’ve done for the last 3 years of freelancing.

There are only 2 prints were done for the submiting purpose, but I’m going to print another shorter version of the same book for self publishing in Vietnam.

The short/cut version will be soft cover, contains 84 pages in A4 size. The near 50 pages left out are mostly text pages and some not-so-important art work. There will be 40 prints will be made for this version for publishing only in Vietnam. May be I’ll find some way to publish it in the USA later when I come there.

Thank you for all the supports.


Preview Artbook/Portfolio 2011 của mình. Đây là bản full 132 trang, in offset trên giấy couche, đóng bìa bồi cứng để submit sang bên trường và chỉ có 2 bản in.

Còn bản để bán (và tặng) sẽ có 84 trang (giảm bớt hơn 30 trang text và 1 số trang sketch ko quan trọng), cũng in offset trên giấy couche khổ A4, đóng bìa mềm, và sẽ có gần 40 bản in. Chất lượng 2 bản sẽ tương đương nhau. Bản để bán 84 trang có lẽ phải đợi khoảng gần 2 tuần nữa và sẽ có giá 320.000 vnđ/cuốn.

Đây là link poll để đăng ký mua bản 84 trang.

Nhìn lại mùa hè điện ảnh 2011

Bài viết của mình gửi cho kenh14 —>


Một mùa phim bom tấn vừa mới kết thúc. Trong hành trang phim ảnh của các mọt phim có thêm những gì?

Đã từ lâu, mùa hè là thời điểm “vàng” để Hollywood gây “lụt” các rạp chiếu phim trên toàn thế giới với liên tiếp các bom tấn điện ảnh đắt giá trên mọi phương diện: cả từ kỹ xảo choáng ngợp, vốn đầu tư khủng, diễn viên đình đám, bối cảnh hoành tráng… Nhưng cũng vì số lượng hùng hậu như vậy, rất khó để tránh khỏi việc có những quả “bom xịt” lọt vào bên cạnh những siêu phẩm chất lượng khác.

Cũng như mọi năm, hè 2011 chính là thời điểm bùng nổ và cạnh tranh khốc liệt của hàng loạt “quả bom” điện ảnh vốn đã được những người đam mê điện ảnh mong chờ từ rất lâu. Hãy cùng nhìn lại một mùa hè “đầy khói lửa” này một chút nhé.

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First Class

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy as Magneto/Erik Lensherr and Professor X/Charles Xavier from X-men: First Class.

I rarely do black and white art (actually, almost never), but when I do,…. I do it for fun. Haha sorry for the bad joke. But yes, the 2 amazing actors were incredibly at portraying 2 legendary comic characters. I really enjoy the movie so much and hope that the next X-movies will be as good as this one, especially The Wolverine.

And of course for the fan girls, there were a lot of hints about a “bromance” between Charles and Erik. Hope you’ll enjoy this. Thank you.

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Captain Thor Lantern

This summer, there are 4 different superhero movies: X-men: First Class, Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America. What if you don’t have enough money to go to the cinema and see all of them? What if you think 4 superhero movies are too much for one summer?

Don’t worry, that’s why I’m bringing you all 4 of the mentioned superhero above into only ONE MOVIE, with only ONE SUPERHERO.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you the CAPTAIN THOR LANTERN – PROTECTOR OF EARTH.

“Erik Rogers is a 25-year-old guy, was born when humanity is evolved to a stage that everybody is big and tall and strong. But by a strange mutation, he is only 1.45 meter tall. When the war began, Erik tried multiple times to enlist into the army and failed because of his small and weak body. Disappointed of himself, he drived to the forrest and found a dying blonde and big man. He said he came from a planet called Oasgard and gave Erik a strange ring “You’re chosen to be one of the Gods of the Universe, who are called the Thor Lantern, and your task is to protect the Earth”. He put on the ring and recognized himself becoming taller, bigger and a lot stronger, and with the lightning power of the ring, he can turn his thoughts into reality, a lightning hammer for example. But, right when he still didn’t figure out what was happening, he was kidnapped by a division of the government and recruited to the frontline and fight against the Red Loki, stopping him from taking over the world. And that’s how Captain Thor Lantern was born.”

Yes, I’m in quite a mash-up mood, and it’s so much fun doing stuffs like this. I’m sure gonna do more mash-up.

That’s why I’ll need you guys to give me some suggestions. I’ll even do mash-up between manga and comic. So please, spread your ideas around. Thanks so much.

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