SONTINH-1 Upgraded

Still SONTINH-1, the anti-Kaiju Jaeger from Vietnam (inspired by Pacific Rim), but this time with some slight updates on the outside (some more yellow plates), and this time the background is Sai Gon with Bitexco Financial tower from afar.

To the new land

This is the 2 point perspective assignment that I did in the class Perspective I was having in Spring 2012 at the AAU, with the help of instructor Joko Budiono.

I posted a sketch version of this picture before, as it follows the journey of an unnamed monk who travels through a fantasy land inspired by the world of Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Spider-man Redesign

This was intended for a Spidey redesign contest from Project: Rooftop, but I missed the deadline badly since I was busy like crazy back then. Until now I have time and inspiration to finish this.

The idea is to give Peter a more realistic costume than the original one from the comics. I think this is the only way that a teenager can come up as his disguise when fighting for justice at midnight. I mean, how the hell a geek like Peter Parker can think of a tight suit? Seriously? And how can he climb walls with his fingers and feet covered by shoes and gloves? And a Jason-ish mask, in my opinion makes more sense.

All right, sorry for a long delay, I’ve been kept up by a lot of document work for the trip to the US. I’ll be there this January, any one of you expecting to see me? I’ll be in San Francisco for a course at the Academy of Art University.