Follow me on Facebook for Livestream drawing

In case you don’t know, I’ve been livestreaming some of my drawing processes on facebook for the last few weeks and have been getting mostly positive feedbacks from people. So if this is something you’re interested in, please follow me on facebook at to get updates on my weekly livestreams.

If you don’t have time for livestreams and prefer timelapse videos of my drawing process, I also have these available on my Patreon when you become a patron over there. So consider pledging $2 or more if you want to watch me draw in videos like that.

Thank you!ad

Loads of new drawings

Hi everyone,

I’ve been pretty lazy about posting here on wordpress because I have so many social medias to handle, one of which is Patreon, which is not easy. And also because I haven’t had anything exciting and new for a while now. So here’s a big post for a lot of new drawings I’ve been doing lately as a daily exercise to get back into the routine. I’m trying to do my sketches in smaller sketchbooks so I can finish them faster, making it more of an “exercise” rather than a “task” that I HAVE to finish everyday. Also, I’m experimenting a lot with new tools like smaller tip felt pens and colored markers. I hope you like this as much I as did doing it.

Also, if you’re interested, I posted a lot of cool things like process GIFs and scanned version of these drawings on my Patreon right here , please come by and take a look and may be become on of my patrons who get exclusive things every week. Or you can simply spread the word around and let more people know about what I’m doing here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!


Animatoon – 2016 Artbook


For those who are interested, I recently printed a personal art book for myself which collects all of my best works from the last 4 years that I’ve been in the U.S. The book is 9″x7″ horizontal with 100 pages full colors, and I’m selling it for $22.5. If you’re interested in purchasing, you can contact me directly via or the direct message right here on Patreon with your address, I’ll ship it to you for free. Or you can buy it directly from here for the normal price

I will also bring this book to sign at the CTNX 2016 this November in Burbank, so if you’re interested, drop by and buy it there for only $18/copy. Excited to see you guys there.

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you like the book!


Support me on Patreon… Hey guys, for those of you who are interested, if you like my art and want to support me, please take a look and chip in if you like to my Patreon page right here. When you make a pledge which the minimum is $1, you’ll get to see exclusive things that I don’t usually show here on facebook and other social networks like Work-in-Progress pictures and videos, high-res scans of my sketches, colored drawings, etc… As all of you know, I’m still a student going to school, and your financial support, no matter how small it is will be really wonderful to me on my journey to become a professional artist, and you get really cool things along the way like mentioned too.

Again, thank you so much for all of your support over the years, and I look forward to show you guys the exclusive stuffs really soon.

My 2015 Artbook is OUT!

Hey guys, long time no see, eh? As you can see, I’ve just put together a whole new artbook containing all of my best works for the last 2 years, and you guys can buy it!

The book’s name is Toontastic, it has 62 pages, full color, perfect bound, 9″x7″ in size, and it has all of my best art works during the year of 2013 and 2014.

The price for it is $18, and you can follow the link here… to purchase it from, or you can Paypal me directly at (please add $5 shipping price for US and Canada), and I’ll send it to you. (I’m afraid if you’re international, you’ll need to purchase it from Lulu).

Even if you’re not financially available to buy the book, please share this around to your friends, I will really appreciate that. Thank you so much for all of your support over the years, I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have without you guys. Best!

WANTED – Character Design

Wanted – Cowboy character design. He’s basically a hunchback bounty hunter with an eye patch, and he’s bald. His name is literally is “Wanted”. First assignment for character design class. Came out pretty great I think.

Louis – Animation Test

(Tiếng Việt ở dưới)
A short animation test sequence I did in class ANM 362 – Traditional Animation 3, instructed by Michael Vickner, with my original character Louis. The sequence includes a character design turn around and some character exploration sketches.

The sequence Won First Place in the category 2D animation test at the Animation Spring Show Festival at the Academy of Art University, School of Animation and VFX.

Music: Gravity Falls Music box version from user LittleJayneyCakes on youtube.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Toonboom Harmony, Adobe After Effects.

Video is for educational purpose only, non-commercial use.

Pay the artist

The message is pretty clear. Artists are human also, we also need food to survive to keep producing artworks, we also have families to take care of, we also have bills and needs, just like any of you guys. We can not work for Free and still be able to live and work and draw. So please, if you’re intending on having an artist to do some work for you, be prepare to pay them what’s worth their efforts and time and talent.

For you artists out there, ALWAYS ask for a clear contract that will protect you from being ripped off by companies or individuals, and ALWAYS take the money in a whole OR in parts UP FRONT before you even lay your pencil on the paper. Educate yourself in how to do business and protect your art, your career, and yourself. DON’T ever do works for FREE, because it will hurt not only you but the whole industry. People will look down on you and think that artists are not worth money because they’re willing to work for FREE. NO, be careful, be smart, be prepare, ALWAYS have a rate for yourself, be aware of who you are, how good you are and ask for payment.

Spread the message out as far as you can and raise awareness in communities around the world, make people respect art and artists more, and help each other make a career in a safe working environment for artists.

Thank you.


Hãy chung tay đòi lại công bằng cho các họa sĩ. Cái này mình gửi tới tất cả các doanh nghiệp Việt Nam hiện đang thuê những họa sĩ/nhà thiết kế/bất kể những ai làm công việc sáng tạo – hãy tôn trọng họ, đối xử công bằng với họ, và trả lương/trả tiền công cho họ xứng đáng với những công sức và sự sáng tạo mà họ bỏ ra. Vì một họa sĩ không chỉ vẽ 1 bức tranh trong 15 phút, đó là hàng chục năm học hành, luyện tập để trở thành những họa sĩ cực kỳ giỏi giang, và rồi mới đến 15 phút đó. Họa sĩ cũng là người, họ cũng cần phải ăn cơm, họ cũng có gia đình, con cái, nhu cầu cá nhân để sống, để thở, để tồn tại.

Với các bạn họa sĩ – ĐỪNG BAO GIỜ để cho người ta bóc lột của bạn, hãy LUÔN LUÔN nhận tiền TRƯỚC KHI LÀM VIỆC, kèm theo 1 HỢP ĐỒNG ràng buộc rõ ràng. Vì nếu như bạn chỉ cần làm việc miễn phí, dù chỉ MỘT lần thôi, bạn sẽ tạo ra một thói quen CỰC KỲ xấu cho những người CẦN bạn, những người thuê bạn, khiến cho họ tưởng rằng họa sĩ là bọn rẻ tiền, ít giá trị, và không muốn trả tiền cho bạn.

Hãy copy thông điệp này và gửi đi càng nhiều nơi càng tốt, blog, vlog, facebook, tumblr, twitter, bằng tiếng nước nào cũng được. Hãy tự tạo cho chúng ta 1 môi trường làm việc chuyên nghiệp, lành mạnh, và công bằng cho tất cả những người làm nghề sáng tạo, để chúng ta có thể gây dựng 1 sự nghiệp dựa trên những gì chúng ta đã phải học tập, luyện tập trong rất rất nhiều năm.

2011 Artbook Preview


Preview for the 2 versions of my artbook for sale, printed by

On the left is the full version with 132 pages and on the right is the editor cut version with 74 pages.


Full 132 pages: $43.95 (over 10 books – $40)
Cut 74 pages: $28.95 (over 10 books – $26)

There will be a 10% discount for each book if there are over 10 people to order.

So if you want to purchase the book with the discounted price, try gathering 10 people and make the pre-order to my Paypal account:

(This is the printed price, I have no profit)


Book is soft cover, size 8.5 x 11, contains my artworks from 2009 to 2011: original art, fan art, sketches, character design, sequential art and traditional art.


Preview cho artbook 2011 của mình đang bán tại

Bên trái là bản đầy đủ 132 trang và bên phải là bản cut 74 trang.


Bản đủ: 43.95$ (trên 10 cuốn – 40$)
Bản cut: 28.95$ (trên 10 cuốn – 26$)

Nếu bạn đặt mua trên 10 cuốn, sẽ được discount 10%.

Vậy nếu bạn muốn mua với giá rẻ hơn này thì hãy tập hợp bạn bè pre-order bằng cách gửi tiền vào tài khoản Paypal của mình:

(Đây là giá in, mình ko có lãi)


Sách có bìa mềm, cỡ 8.5×11 (ngắn hơn A4 1 chút), gồm các artwork của mình từ 2009 tới 2011: original, fan art, thiết kế nhân vật, truyện tranh, phác thảo và tranh truyền thống.