Ký hoạ mực nho – Phố cổ

Ký hoạ mực nho - Phố Lãn Ông magnify
One of the symbols of Hanoi (Capital of Vietnam) is the “Classical Streets” (“Phố cổ” in Vietnamese).

Those are streets with the classic harness like a chessboard and classic buildings and houses that we’ve been keeping it since the old days in the history.

Actually that kind of street is now not really exist anymore. Because despite of the fact that their owner’s families are still living there and keep some classic parts of the old houses, they still need to do something to make money for their lives. And most of them are now using the 1st floor of the houses for business, they’re selling souvenirs, clothes, Eastern medicines, and stuffs, so that those shops are the main reason that nowadays it’s too hard to find a classic corners in these streets.

But lucky me, after a while walking finding hopeless, I was so happy that I found this corner, even though it was covered by electric wires but it still has the feeling.

So this is how it turned out after 30 minutes sketching (this is a sketch exercise) with Chinese ink on A4 paper, yeah, again.

And I still have one more exercise to go, with the same topic.


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