Chùa Láng – Mực nho

Chùa Láng - Mực nho magnify

Lang Pagoda is one of the famous places of scenic beauty in Hanoi. Like ya’ll know pagodas is religion place for Budhist. And such places have plenty of nice landscapes for us to choose.

My friends choose many beautiful sight, but I always want to find a place that gives me a calm feeling. And here it is.

The small house that you’re seeing is behind the main yard, and it’s used to burn some paper money and paper effigy of daily stuffs like paper motor bike, paper clothes. Budhist believe that when those paper stuffs become ashes, spirits of the dead people will receive and use them in the world of heaven.

I have a great feeling about this sight, so, well, how do you like it?

Chinese ink, the third one on this medium. I still have 2 more to go.

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