Tranh mới

Tranh mới tiếp, chả có gì nhiều để up magnify

Here we go the Tiny Harvey Dent. I did this sketch for the Vietnamese Comic con back in 21/9 but didn’t have enough time to finish it.

Now, here we go, for mr. Aaron Eckhart, he did a wonderful job for this roll in the movie The Dark Knight. He’s even better than Bale’s Batman. Perfect acting.

Corel Draw X4, hope you guys regconize him.

This is the first time I’ve ever used a colored pencil for my art. I saw one of my friends using it so good and I can’t stand knowing nothing about this cool medium and yeah I’m sure making more colored pencil stuffs.

And this is the combination of the first time to use colored pencil and the first time of trying some hard angles with extreme perspective effects. Watcha think?

I was doing a lot of angles in my sketch book, just don’t have the time to scan ’em all for ya. But I think it’s cool.

Hope ya’ll like buds

Inspired by the 1st season of the new animated series “Spectacular Spider-man” that was designed by Cheeks :iconcheeks-74: .

I thought I would do something to make Spidey looks like he’s too hurry that he had to change his clothes when he was swinging and was being attacked by some villains.

I rarely do background traditionally but this time I think I did good with this. And this is the first time I found out how to change some lines’ color to give em the feelings of environment.

These are just 4 random villains that I picked from the series and give em something that I like (like Doc Ock’s arm looks more like in the movie than this series)

Corel Draw X4

This is the second exercise of mine on Chinese ink. And yet this is the first time I’ve ever drawn a real man full body, and I had to do it all with such a very hard-to-use medium – Chinese ink.

But I tried and I did it, whatcha think?

I think it came out good so I hope my teacher will forgive me for turning it in 1 week late (there’re too many other subjects to work on before this).

But look at the model. He’s short and old and fat, and he was wearing such a stupid clothes, sitting there with such a dumb pose and a dumb smile, which shows that my art teacher is a real jerk that has no artistic sense.

Ok. Now, I’m so disappointed of myself for this.

Lemme tell you this. This is the first architecture project that I have to do at my college. We have to design a bus stop and make a model for it. And this is what I did.

The idea is to save as much materials as possible but still keep the beautiful shape. And I decide to make something with a shape base on a paper fan – the traditional (one of the symbols of our Vietnamese culture) but still keep the modern feel for it. Beside, it has a high possibility to build a series around the city.

And I was sure that this idea will beat everyone’s in my class for its beauty and possibility. But I was totally wrong.

I was far surpassed by this: [link]

It was our class’ monitor’s work. Her art work for it is super cool that mine can’t reach. Though its possibility is super low (I mean this is impossible to build), but how she did with this technical drawings is completely perfect that she got mark 10/10 right away.

Mine got 8/10 plus the model then it came 9/10. Yeah, I was beaten up out there. Here’s its technical drawing: [link]

So, I promised myself that next time I’ll have to be a lot more creative to surpass her awesomeness for this. This time I totally lost that I can’t say nothing about it, completely beaten.

We all had to do it with Chinese ink and technical pen.

Anyway, I don’t really care anymore, this is my work and I like it (especially the model), and I’m confident about its high possibility, compare to hers, I’m sure they never choose anything like that to build in the real life, but mine.

Oh, right, this is completely my design, so, if any of you want to use it for any purpose, please ask me first.

So I hope you guys like it. Thanks for coming :)

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