Dim và Mi: Ước gì đựơc nấy

Dim và Mi: Ước gì đựơc nấy magnify

Ok, here we go again. This is the poster I’ve just made for our group’s up coming comic series – Dim & Mi: Wishing Story.

The 2 main charactor for this series are 2 brothers, the big brother – Dim (which pronounce can be bend into “Dream”), and the lil sis – Mi (can consider it like Me – base on her personality, or can go with Dim ==> Dimmi -> Jimmy -> Dreamy) :D.

One day Mi finds a mysterious pen, that you can write down one wish per day with it, and it’ll become true. After that, the pen causes the kids many trouble but, some how makes their family come together.

We’re planning this series for Little Angel Magazine – the magazine that I’m working for, and the first chapter is now being finished :D. Just wait until the time we upload it here and in our page

Blogspot: [link]
Deviant: :iconcomictrio:

This was done in Corel Draw X4.

*EDITED* I changed the color


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